Town Council

Elected Officials 

The council serves as the legislative and executive body of the town.  A Council President is elected in January by the Town Council members and is the presiding officer over the Town Council meetings with the power to sign contracts, ordinances and decrees approved by the Council Members.  The Vice President of the Town Council is appointed by the President and is assigned to fill in for the President in his absence. 

Council members are elected to serve four (4) year terms. Two members are elected at-large (by the entire town) and three members reside in specific wards (Ward 1, Ward 2 and Ward 3).  The Clerk is elected to a four year term by the entire town.
The Town Council members may receive mail at the following address:
PO Box 188
Greenville, IN  47124

Contact Info

District #1 - Skip Powell
Property Cleanup

District #2 - Kyle Kruer
Emergency Services

District #3 - Greg Redden

At Large - Andy Lemon, CFE
Vice President, Streets & Roads

At Large - David Gomes
Co-Chair: Emergency Services

Jack Travillian

Greenville Election Districts - Ordinance 2012-TO-063