Planning and Zoning

The issuing of building permits, planning documents, and zoning is handled by Floyd County Plan Commission in conjunction with the Greenville Town Council. The starting point for all building applications and questions is with the Floyd County Plan Commission. Information regarding applications, zoning ordinances, and meeting dates for the Plan Commission can be found at

A full copy of the Greenville Zoning Map and the Greenville Zoning Ordinance is linked below. 

Additionally, the Comprehensive Plan is linked below. Greenville was originally laid out in 1816 by Andrew Mundell and Benjamin Haines. One reason Greenville and other communities engage in planning is to ensure that the needs of the whole community are considered, not just the benefits to individuals. Community planning is based upon a concept of public interest. When communities plan, they establish and implement a public policy for the community and guidelines for decisions on development. Plans help a community achieve a character of its own, one that residents of the community recognize and support. Greenville prides itself on its historical significance and its rural character. These elements are laid out within Greenville's Comprehensive Plan from 2020.

A full copy of the Greenville Comprehensive Plan of 2020 is linked below. 

Greenville Zoning Map - 2022

Greenville Zoning Map - 2022