Town of Greenville, Indiana

Welcome to the Town of Greenville!  From our unique history to our hospitable residents, our charming little town stands along Indiana’s historic Highway 150 corridor in between acres of farmland.  If you are looking for a relaxing home nestled atop the rolling hills of Floyd County, just minutes away from the city life, then Greenville is the idyllic spot to live.

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The Indiana Historic Bureau approves historic John B. Ford marker application for the Greenville Historic Preservation Commission!

(8/15/2018) The Indiana Historic Bureau just announced that they will approve the Greenville Historic Preservation Commission's historic marker application for famed industrialist and long time resident John B. Ford.  The application process was highly competitive...

The History of Greenville - Presented by the Greenville Historic Preservation Commission

(6/14/2018) On June 7th, a presentation by the Greenville Historic Preservation Commission ("HPC") was given at the NAFC Library in New Albany for the Southern Indiana Genealogical Society ("SIGS") meeting.  The presentation was delivered by Matt Uhl (Chairman of ...

Snipe Signs are Illegal in Greenville. $50 Fine. Max $500.

(4/18/2018) The Greenville Town Council passed in February an ordinance prohibiting snipe signs within the Town of Greenville.  Snipe signs are generally placed in public right-of-ways, telephone poles, or on people's property without their permission.  The...