Historic Preservation Commission

The primary function of the Historic Preservation Commission is to identify buildings, structures, sites and objects which are architecturally or historically significant.  The Commission wrote a historic preservation plan for Greenville in an effort to protect the Town's historic assets.  Objectives of the Historic Preservation Commission are to

  1. Identify and inventory all historic assets within the Town of Greenville,
  2. Identify funding sources for future preservation projects,
  3. Apply for federal state, and local grant money to complete preservation projects,
  4. Educate residents on the availability of federal and state grant monies for the completion of historic restoration projects,
  5. Promote the use of historic landmarks to attract visitors.

Report a Historic Item

The Historic Preservation Commission is always interested in discovering new historic documents, photographs, and artifacts.  Please feel free to reach out to the Historic Preservation Commission if you would like to have a conversation or report a historic item.  You can help us preserve Greenville's history!

National Trust for Historic Preservation