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The Greenville Historic Preservation Commission moves to install second historic marker


The Greenville Historic Preservation Commission is happy to announce they are nearing completion on a historic marker for Norman J. Colman.  Colman was the first U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and got his career started as the first principal in Greenville at the Floyd County Seminary in 1850 following completion of law school at the University of Louisville.  Colman was principal in Greenville from 1850 to 1852.  During his time in Greenville, he met Clara Porter and married in 1851. Clara was the daughter of Daniel Porter who is best known for Porter's Public House in Greenville which was a notorious hotel, bar, and social spot. 

Colman had some very well known ventures in life including being elected an Alderman in St. Louis, serving as a Captain in the Civil War, being elected as Lt. Governor of Missiouri, he owned a ran a very well known farming publication Valley Farmer and later Colman's Rural World, he served as US Commission of Agriculter before championing for it to become a presidential cabinet and serving as the innaugural US Secretary of Agriculture.  

Photo Credit - Sewah Studios in Marietta, Ohio

This marker is the fruition of years of hard work, research, and fundraising by the Greenville Historic Preservation Commission.  Greenville Elementary has been selected as the location of the installation due to Colman's historic association with the town as one of their former principals.  Additionally, the side walks, heavy traffic at the school, proximity to parking and potential educational impact all play a role in the site's selection.  The Greenville Historic Preservation Commission continues to work with their vendor, Sewah, on the completion of the sign and NAFCS on the location of the marker at Greenville Elementary.  They are currently in the process of planning the installation and a dedication ceremony.  

The Town of Greenville thanks the Greenville Historic Preservation Commission for thier work on completing the Town's second historic marker and continuing to solidify our roll in local, state and national history!