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The History of Greenville - Presented by the Greenville Historic Preservation Commission


On June 7th, a presentation by the Greenville Historic Preservation Commission ("HPC") was given at the NAFC Library in New Albany for the Southern Indiana Genealogical Society ("SIGS") meeting.  The presentation was delivered by Matt Uhl (Chairman of the HPC) and Councilman Andy Lemon.  The presentation was met by a standing room only crowd which was said to be the largest crowd in SIGS meeting history.  

They shared information on Greenville's creation, growth, impacts from the catastrophic 1908 fire, and how that affected the community into the present. Photographs from the mid to late 1800's to modern times were presented along with detailed information on some of the research performed by the Historic Preservation Commission.  

A copy of the presentation in pdf format is uploaded to the website and can be found by clicking the link below.


Councilman Andy Lemon and Chairman Matt Uhl of the Greenville Historic Preservation Commission with Donna Kepley Foster of SIGS