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John Baptiste Ford Drive


John Baptiste Ford Drive sign design

At the Town Council meeting last night, Councilman Lemon put forth a motion to pass an ordinance that Attorney Heather Peters and he had worked on together. The roadway which runs between Clark St. and Hwy 150 was named after one of Greenville's most prominent historic figures, John Baptiste Ford. The roadway which is now officially named John Baptiste Ford Drive was done not only to highlight Mr. Ford's contributions to industrialism and Greenville in the 1800's but also to work toward our goal of listing all maintained roadways with INDOT to increase our state distributions for road funding.

The great correlation with the newly named roadway is that it butts up to the backside of The Station Building. The original Station Building was first built by Mr. Ford in 1840. Mr. Ford worked, lived, and played on that very lot for many years.

For more info on John Baptiste Ford and how he contributed to our community check out his Wikipedia page;