Greenville Volunteer Fire Dept.

Greenville Township Volunteer Fire Department proudly serves the citizens of the Town of Greenville and Greenville Township, which includes the unincorporated towns of Galena and Navilleton, in Indiana since 1945. We make an average of about 400 Fire and Emergency Medical runs a year from two fire stations; Station 1 in Greenville and Station 2 in Galena.

Mission Statement

To protect life and property in the community in which we serve. Not only do we provide Fire Protection, but we also provide Emergency Medical Services & Haz-mat protection to the citizens of Greenville & Greenville Township, Floyd County, Indiana

Contact Info

(812) 923-5995

Group Members

Asst Chief (Interim)
Brian Groves

Wes Smith

Medical Officer
Gage Love

Nick Fulkerson