Town of Greenville

P.O. Box 188

Greenville, IN 47124



Ordinance 2008-T-93-Marshal Agent to Collect Hand Gun Licensing Fees

Ordinance 2009-T-001-Development of Ordinances, Monthly Minutes and Record Keeping

Ordinance 2009-T-004-Deputy Marshal and Reserve Officers Removal and Appointments

Ordinance 2009-R-005-Codify Old Ordinances

Ordinance 2009-T-013-Ordinance Transfer of Funds

Ordinance 2009-M-014-Marshal Use of Force

Ordinance 2009-T-015-Suppression Of Disease In Unlicensed Child Care Facilities

Ordinance 2009-R-016-Services Provided to Annexed Areas

Ordinance 2009-T-017-Operation Of Greenville Marshal Department

Ordinance 2009-R-018-Town Hall Emergency Shelter

Ordinance 2009-R-019-Hanzel Barclay Drive

Ordinance 2009-R-020-Floyd County All Hazards Mitigation Plan

Ordinance 2009-R-021-Disaster Response Plan Greenville

Ordinance 2009-R-022-Dr. Wadsworth Grant Survey

Ordinance 2009-W-023-Eminent Domain Pumping Station

Ordinance 2009-R-024-Water Utility S.O.P. 04-13-03

Ordinance 2009-R-025-Water Utility S.O.P. 01-14-08

Ordinance 2009-R-026-Water Utility S.O.P. 06-08-09

Ordinance 2009-M-030-Marshal Department S.O.P. 06-08-09

Ordinance 2009-R-031-Floyd County Advisory Plan

Ordinance 2009-R-032-Emergency Portable Generators

Ordinance 2009-R-034-Fiscal Plan Heritage Springs

Ordinance 2009-R-036-Notice of Public Hearing to Annex Heritage Springs

Ordinance 2009-R-037-Comprehensive Planning Map Greenville

Ordinance 2009-R-040-Marshall Transfer of Funds

Ordinance 2009-R-041-Water Company Lawn Tractor

Ordinance 2009-R-042-Resolution Passed in Minutes

Ordinance 2009-R-043-Survey of Cross Street

Ordinance 2009-R-045-Loan from Water Utility to Town

Ordinance 2009-R-046-Rainbolt Variance

Ordinance 2009-R-047-Water Tower Cleaning-Painting Inspection Bids

Ordinance 2009-R-048-Water Superintendent carryover of vacation

Ordinance 2009-R-049-Stantec ESRI Training Course

Ordinance 2009-R-050-Continuation of Town's Insurance Policy as is

Ordinance 2009-R-051-Hiring of an Assistant Water Clerk

Ordinance 2009-R-052-Purchase of Floyd County Sheriff Vehicle

Ordinance 2009-R-053-Funds for Purchase of Generators for Emergency

Ordinance 2009-R-054-Purchase Marshal Department Equipment

Ordinance 2009-R-055-Acceptance of Bid for removal of willow tree

Ordinance 2009-R-056-Bereavement time - Amy Stone

Ordinance 2009-R-057-Adoption of Amended Personnel Policy for Water Utility

Ordinance 2009-R-058-Painting of Patrol Vehicle

Ordinance 2009-R-059-Amendment of contract for Striegel for Cross Street

Ordinance 2009-R-060-Hiring of Crystal Burkhart as Assistant Water Clerk

Ordinance 2009-R-061-Security Camera System for Water Utility

Ordinance 2009-R-062-Libs Paving Contract

Ordinance 2009-R-063-Budget Process Procedure

Ordinance 2009-R-064-Credit Card Usage

Ordinance 2009-R-066-Purchase of Computers for Water Utility

Ordinance 2009-R-068-Water Utility Tank Inspections & Reports Bids

Ordinance 2009-R-069-Marshal Equipment Purchases

Ordinance 2009-R-070-Resolution to keep Accounts with First Harrison

Ordinance 2009-R-071-Water Utility Checking Account Funds

Ordinance 2009-R-072-Rescinding 2009 Snow Removal Contract

Ordinance 2009-R-073-Holiday Bonus for Water Utility Employees

Ordinance 2009-R-074-Bids inspection and report and repair 60,000 gal water utility tank

Ordinance 2009-R-075-Building Variance Granted To Matt Woods Of 9325 Arthur Coffman Road

Ordinance 2009-R-077-Citizen of the year.

Ordinance 2009-R-078-Salvage Equipment

Ordinance 2009-R-079-Snow and Ice Removal Contractors

Ordinance 2009-R-080-Cashing out

Ordinance 2009-R-082-Getrost Retirement

Ordinance 2009-R-083-Cashing out Revised

Ordinance 2009-R-084-Water Utility Merit Increases for 2010

Ordinance 2009-R-085-Survey Clark St.

Ordinance 2009-R-086-Light Bar for Marshall Jeep

Ordinance 2009-R-087-Confiming The Verbal Resolution For Denial For Code Variance For Property 

Ordinance 2009-R-088-Water Utility Hydraulic Study 


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