Alternative Two illustrates a land use pattern while still complimenting the present land uses and distinct districts within the community allows for more commercial activities along US 150..


The Gray area on the map indicates a mixed use district.  The boundaries of this district would be town’s southwestern boundary through the Central Historic District indicated in Grey. The break in the Central Historic District would be at Pekin Road in the east with Clark and Harrison Streets being the boundary to the north and south respectivelyThis would allow for more commercial activity to occur in the section of the Town between Pekin and Buttontown Road. 


The Central Historic District should consist of primarily of single family residential dwellings on small lots and interspersed with small retail commercial activities.  Future land uses should consider small retail, small professional offices, and single family residential. Redevelopment activities will be limited due to lot size and septic requirements, however, any large scale redevelopment in this area should be required to go through a planned unit development process to insure development meets community standards and preserves town character.


The residential areas indicated in yellow should consist of single family residential dwellings.  New developments utilizing septic fields should be sized appropriately (37,000 square feet) and be required to have a redundant field identified.  The Eastern US 150 business corridor is identified as Red for commercial and Purple for Light Industrial activities.  Greenville Park is indicated in Blue.  The Town should consider designating Harrison Street as a major link to the park and the Central Historic District and consider improvements to accommodate and encourage pedestrian and bicycle travel.