Town of Greenville

P.O. Box 188

Greenville, IN 47124






Ordinance 2015-WO-001-Holiday Bonus for Water Employees

Ordinance 2015-MO-005-Providing Wages for Town Marshal

Ordinance 2015-MR-009-For Sale and Purchase of Firearms

Ordinance 2015-WO-010-Increase of Current Rates

Ordinance 2015-WO-011-Cancellation of Warrants

Ordinance 2015-WR-021-Amendment of S.O.P

Ordinance 2015-WR-022-Purchase of New Technology For Water Utility

Ordinance 2015-WO-023-Purchase of New 2015 Colorado Truck

Ordinance 2015-WO-024-Purchase of Valve Exerciser

Ordinance 2015-WO-025-Service Charge from Sewer Utility to Water Utility

Ordinance 2015-TR-026-Planning & Zoning Moratorium

Ordinance 2015-TR-034-Concerning the Authorizing of Council to Sign Building Permits

Ordinance 2015-WR-040-Longevity

Ordinance 2015-TO-043-Resolution for Appropriations and Tax Rates

Ordinance 2015-WR-053-Concerning Sewer Requirements For Non-Single Dwellings

Ordinance 2015-WO-057-Merit Increase