Town of Greenville

P.O. Box 188

Greenville, IN 47124



Ordinance 2011-TO-001-Vacating Alleyway/ Rusby

Ordinance 2011-MO-002- Traffic Fines

Ordinance 2011-TO-003-Election Services Floyd County 2011

Ordinance 2011-WR-004-Acceptance Of The Preliminary Engineering Report

Ordinance 2011-WR-005-Transfer Of Funds

Ordinance 2011-WR-006-Reaffirming Of Salaries/ Water Council

Ordinance 2011-WR-007-Reaffirming Of Salaries/ Town Council

Ordinance 2011-WR-008-Reaffirming Of Salaries/ Marshal Department

Ordinance 2011-TR-009-Amended snow Removal List 2011

Ordinance 2011-TO-010-Transfer Of Funds Legal Notices

Ordinance 2011-TO-011-Transfer Of  Funds Floyd County Election

Ordinance 2011-WO-012-Sanitary Sewer Feasibility Study

Ordinance 2011-TO-013-Securitary Lighting Heritage Springs

Ordinance 2011-TO-014-Transformer US 150 Heritage Springs

Ordinance 2011-MO-015-Training For The Greenville Marshal Dept

Ordinance 2011-WO-016- Cancellation of Warrants

Ordinance 2011-WO-017-Tampering With Water System

Ordinance 2011-BPR-018-New Or Remodeled Construction In Town

Ordinance 2011-TO-019-Establishing Licensing Requirements and Sexually Oriented Businesses

Ordinance 2011-WO-020-Purchase Of New Truck For Water Utility

Ordinance 2011-TO-021-Amending 2008-T-084 Per Request Floyd County

Ordinance 2011-BPR-022-Concerning The Approval For New Or Remodeled Construction Lot 22

Ordinance 2011-BPR-023-Concerning The Approval For New Or Remodeled Construction Lot 26

Ordinance 2011-BPR-024-Concerning The Approval For New Or Remodeled Construction Lot 23

Ordinance 2011-BPR-025-Concerning The Approval For New Or Remodeled Construction Lot 24

Ordinance 2011-MO-026-Chief Of Police Training For Marshal

Ordinance 2011-BPR-027-Concerning The Approval For New Or Remodeled Construction Lot 8

Ordinance 2011-TR-028-Quote Of Striegel Asphalt Patching Of Pot Holes In Town

Ordinance 2011-MR-030-Resoulation For Training Ammunition and Dues To The National Reserve 

Ordinance 2011-TO-031-Transfer Of  Funds 

Ordinance 2011-TR-032-Fees For Variance Requests and Vacating Alley Requests

Ordinance 2011-WO-033-Sanitary Sewer Feasibility

Ordinance 2011-WR-034-Humana Policy June 2011- May 2012

Ordinance 2011-TO-035-Mowing Grass Of Vacant Or Occupied Real Estate

Ordinance 2011-TR-036-Adoption Of  Revised Floyd County Emergency Management

Ordinance 2011-TR-037-Keystone Budget Training For Deputy Clerk

Ordinance 2011-BPR-039-Concerning The Approval For New Or Remodeled Construction  Lot 25

Ordinance 2011-BPR-040-Concerning The Approval For New Or Remodeled Construction Lot 39

Ordinance 2011-MO-041-Making Harrison St. One Way

Ordinance 2011-MO-042- Fines For More Than One Citation

Ordinance 2011-MR-043-Back Up Cell Phone For Marshal

Ordinance 2011-WO-044-Financial Advisory Fees Sanitary Sewers

Ordinance 2011-MR-045-Renewal Marshal Sprint Contract

Ordinance 2011-TO-047-Transfer Of  Funds To Fire Protection

Ordinance 2011-TO-048-Transfer Of Funds To Legal Notices

Ordinance 2011-MR-049-Repair Jeep Brakes

Ordinance 2011-WR-050-Tracking Accounts For Water Tower and Sewer Projects

Ordinance 2011-BPR-051-Concerning The Approval For New Or Remodeled Construction Lot 12

Ordinance 2011-WR-052-Purchase Of Salt Spreader

Ordinance 2011-TR-053-2011 Silverado And Snow And Ice Removal Equipment

Ordinance 2011-TR-054-Labor and Materials For The Seasonal Ice And Snow Removal For Town

Ordinance 2011-BPR-057-The Approval For New Or Remodeled Construction For 9861Clark St

Ordinance 2011-MR-058-Carryover Marshal Fuel Funds to 2012

Ordinance 2011-WR-059-Thieneman Confidentiality Agreement

Ordinance 2011-WO-060-Holiday Bonus For Water Utility Employees 2011

Ordinance 2011-TO-062-Transfer Of Funds

Ordinance 2011-WR-063-New Phone System For Water Utility

Ordinance 2011-TR-064-Signs For Marshal Department and Animal Control

Ordinance 2011-BPR-065-Concerning The Approval For New Or Remodeled Construction Lot 7

Ordinance 2011-WO-066-Salary Increase for Water Utility Employees

Ordinance 2011-BPR-068-Concerning The Approval For New Or Remodeled Construction Lot 6

Ordinance 2011-TR-069-Resolution Resending Perkins Variance

Ordinance 2011-WR-070-Authorizing The Purchase Of Privacy Fence For Garage 

Ordinance 2011-BPR-071-Concerning The Approval For Remodeled Construction 9423 Harrison St.

Ordinance 2011-WR-072-Resolution For Marshal Pay From Water Utility

Ordinance 2011-TR-073-Wave Legal Responsibilities Animal Shelter