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Ordinance 2010-T-001-To Establish A Water Utility

Ordinance 2010-R-002-Confirming all Prior Resolutions and Ordinances

Ordinance 2010-M-003-Marshall Department Salary and Accounts

Ordinance 2010-M-004-Marshall Department Detective and Chain of Command

Ordinance 2010-M-005-Marshall Department Life Insurance

Ordinance 2010-R-006-Cashing Out Of CD

Ordinance 2010-R-007-Confiming Payment for Contract Labor to Water Company

Ordinance 2010-R-008-The Use of Land Locked Properties

Ordinance 2010-W-010-Water Utility Excessive Run Charges and NSF Checks

Ordinance 2010-M-012-LIfe Insurance For Members of Marshall Dept.

Ordinance 2010-T-013-Vacate Roadways Heritage Springs

Ordinance 2010-R-014-Cashing Out of CD

Ordinance 2010-R-015-Cashing Out of Water Utility CD

Ordinance 2010-R-016-Body Armor Marshall Department

Ordinance 2010-R-017-Construction Of The Muench Residence 9423 Harrison St.

Ordinance 2010-T-018-Tattoo Ordinance Floyd County Health Dept.

Ordinance 2010-T-019-Amending On-Site Sewage Disposal Floyd County Health Dept.

Ordinance 2010-T-020-Disposal Of Dead Animals

Ordinance 2010-R-023-Funds Declared as Bad Debt

Ordinance 2010-R-024-Confirming Resolution Life Insurance

Ordinance 2010-R-025-Construction of Buildings on Striha Property

Ordinance 2010-T-027-Mobile Rentals, Food Establishments 

Ordinance 2010-T-028-Special Variance By Don Perkins

Ordinance 2010-W-029-Life Insurance for Employees Of Greenville Water Utility

Ordinance 2010-M-030-Parking on Public Owned Sidewalks and Curbs in Greenville

Ordinance 2010-M-031-Regulating of Cutting Through Parking Lots to Avoid Traffic

Ordinance 2010-W-032-New Accounts for Greenville Water Utility Employees Benefits

Ordinance 2010-R-033-Rescinding of Ordinance 2010-T-026

Ordinance 2010-R-034-Propety To Be Annexed by Town Ordinance # 2010-T-035

Ordinance 2010-T-035-Annexing Striha Property

Ordinance 2010-R-036-Carryover of Vacation Time Earned for Gary Getrost

Ordinance 2010-T-037-Disposal of Dead Animals

Ordinance 2010-R-038-Providing Funds for the Grant Application Process Through River Valley

Ordinance 2010-R-039-Concerning Funds for Analysis for a Rate Increase For the Water Utility

Ordinance 2010-T-040-Vacting Two Public Alley Ways

Ordinance 2010-M-041-Fees For Accident / Incident Reports

Ordinance 2010-R-042-Purchase of Handheld Radio For Marshall

Ordinance 2010-R-043-Repair of Paved Roadways In Town

Ordinance 2010-M-044-Towing Fee

Ordinance 2010-T-046-Disposal of Trash, Grass, Weeds, and Abandoned Vehicles in Town 

Ordinance 2010-T-047-Regulating of Structures, Mobile Homes, Parking, Building Lines Ect.

Ordinance 2010-T-048-Registration of Retail Merchant Certificates

Ordinance 2010-T-049-The Blocking of Streets, Roadways, Alleyways

Ordinance 2010-T-050-Procedures Of New Construction For Structures In The Town

Ordinance 2010-R-051-Insurance For the Town Of Greenville

Ordinance 2010-W-052-Merit Increase For Crystal Burkhart

Ordinance 2010-W-053-Holiday Bonus For Water Utility Employees 2010

Ordinance 2010-T-054-Unlawful Assembly, Vandalism, Damage to Buildings, and Graffiti

Ordinance 2010-T-055-Regulating of Yard Sales, Garage Sales, and Auctions in Town

Ordinance 2010-T-056-Regulating Of Animals and Animal Control

Ordinance 2010-T-057-Dicharge of Firearms, Fireworks and Throwing Objects In Town

Ordinance 2010-T-058-Locks And Seals on Refrigerators

Ordinance 2010-T-059-Curfew For Minors

Ordinance 2010-T-060-Land Evacuation

Ordinance 2010-T-061-Prohibiting The Use of Heavy Equipment Upon Streets and Alleys

Ordinance 2010-T-062-Mowing of Grass and Weeds On Vacant Real Estate

Ordinance 2010-T-063-Regulating of New Construction To Include Curbs, Sidewalks Ect.

Ordinance 2010-W-064-Concerning The Increase Of Current Water Rates and Charges

Ordinance 2010-T-065-Regulating of Nuisances Created By Noise

Ordinance 2010-W-066-Conservation / Rationing Of Water 

Ordinance 2010-T-067-Adoption Of State Building Codes

Ordinance 2010-T-068-Outdoor Advertising Within The Town

Ordinance 2010-T-070-Concerning The Transfer of Funds For Operation Of The Town

Ordinance 2010-T-071-Transfer Of Funds

Ordinance 2010-T-072-Transfer Of Funds

Ordinance 2010-W-073-Cashing Out Of Cd Owned By Water Utility

Ordinance 2010-W-074-Additional Funds Analysis For Rate Increase Required For SRF Loan

Ordinance 2010-W-075-Pay Off Loan With Berkadia

Ordinance 2010-W-076-The Purchase and Installation Of Fire Hydrants

Ordinance 2010-T-078-Transfer of Funds For Operation of Town

Ordinance 2010-T-079-Transfer of Funds For Operation of Town

Ordinance 2010-T-080-Transfer of Funds For Operation of Town

Ordinance 2010-R-081-Regulating of Contracts, Request For Bids, Awarding Of Contracts

Ordinance 2010-T-083-Comprehensive Planning Map

Ordinance 2010-W-085-Merit Increase For Water Utility for 2011

Ordinance 2010-R-086-Johnes To Sign Building Permits

Ordinance 2010-M-087-Enforcement Of State Of Indiana Traffic Laws Within Town

Ordinance 2010-W-088-Funds For Rate Increase required For SRF Loan Requirements

Ordinance 2010-R-089-Signatory Authorization Resolution




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