Town of Greenville

P.O. Box 188

Greenville, IN 47124



Ordinance 2007-T-071-Disposal Of Trash and Abandoned Vehicles

Ordinance 2007-T-072-Vacating A Public Alley

Ordinance 2007-T-073-Review and Voidance Of Past Ordinances

Ordinance 2007-W-073-Increase In Water Rates

Ordinance 2007-T-075-Adopting State Building Codes

Ordinance 2007-W-076-Wages For Water Utility

Ordinance 2007-T-077-Wages For Town Council

Ordinance 2007-T-079-Wages For Town Marshal

Ordinance 2007-T-080-Vacating A public Alley

Ordinance 2007-T-081-Annexation Real Estate by Damien & Anne Cristiani

Ordinance 2007-T-083-Transfer Funds

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